Power supply for M2N78-LA

I have an HP P6404Y, and I would like to upgrade the graphics. The current power supply is too wussy (300 W). What is the correct PSU type for the Motherboard: M2N78-LA
HP/Compaq motherboard name: "Violet6-GL8E"
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  1. What graphic card are you thinking about buying?
  2. My primary game is an older affair, not too heavy on graphics requirements. The development team is releasing a client update that sort of bumps up the required specs. Since I don't really need a whole lot, I started searching for something that was cheap and surpassed the min. requirements and came up with this:
    GeForce GTS 250, I believe it is basically a 9800GT.
    (I avoid ATI because they have known issues with the game that I am upgrading for.)

    It requires at least 400 W PSU.
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  4. Thanks a lot!

    My concern is that I will buy a PSU that won't meet the requirements of the motherboard. When I check the HP specifications page for the motherboard this is what I think might be relevant to the upgrade I am planning "One 24-pin ATX power connector. One 4-pin ATX power connector." and form factor "micro-ATX: 9.6 in X 9.6 in"

    Do I just look for a PSU that says 24/4 pin ATX that meets the form factor?

    This is really great, and I appreciate your help!
  5. A PSU with a 24pin conector and another 4pin conector is enough. The form factor of the mobo has nothing to do with the PSU.
    All the PSUS, that I have recommend you, have those conectors. The PSUs have to be very old for not having them..
  6. Great! I can start searching immediately then. I really appreciate your explanation here. I was pretty paranoid about ordering a part and then finding that it wouldn't have the connections I need.
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