im just wondering what programs can i use to test for stability when overclocking an fx-8350?
im currently @ 4.82ghz (200x24) @1.4v, the temp are fine while playing games no crashes/freezes etc

my build is:

fx-8350 with h70 + 2x arctic f12 fans
asus sabertooth 990fx
2x xfx 7950 in crossfire
corsair tx750m
12gb ddr3 corsair xms3 1333
antec lanboy air
and all the usual, dvd rw etc

ive already got cinebench installed, and i use convert x to dvd (max cores and two pass encoding)

any help will be great thanks very much

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  1. Use Prime95 for CPU load testing.
  2. i was thinking about that but lots of sites say that prime doesnt like the new fx chips
    or is that just a load of sh*t?

  3. I haven't read about any problems regarding that here, not to say that it hasn't happened but have to keep that it just depends on where you are reading it at. People running high overclocks with minimal cooling and wondering why they keep getting errors in Prime just because they seen someone else do it so there's allot of bad information out there.
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