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hi friends i m plannin to buy Phenom X4 Quad X4 - 955 BE 3.2GHz-8M-AM3 & MSI 790FX-GD70. which graphic card will suit best for this combination...
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  1. HD 5770 for 1680x1050 screen resolution and below, HD 5850 for 1920x1080 and above, 5970 for 2560x1600.
  2. That depends on your budget and monitor's resolution.

    Consider those cards suggested by paperfox.

    Mention your PSU.
  3. you are planning dont go for amd amd not too good
    go for intel

    graphics card i am using 260gtx

    it works fine on new games and now it is so cheap you can also go for sli
    it costs around 300 bux before but only around 200 ish.. now if you live near micro center cost like 150 now online cost 200 ish..
    cpu people say intel I-7 920 is good but also you need to have ddr 3 memory for mobo that fits.

    budget should be around 1000 usd

    but best way is dunt listen to people just go grab a pc magazine and see what the professionals are saying. they are the expert on those information
    go barns and noble and just check out pc magazines would be best solution.
  4. @newbi123 : Nothing wrong with AMD. GTX 260 is a good card but overpriced.
  5. AMD is just as good as Intel. Might not have the "best on the market" but what demo they are targeting they succeed.
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