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'Overclock failed' screen, need advice please.

January 13, 2013 2:08:58 PM

Mobo: ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3
CPU: Amd athlon II x4 640 3ghz
Grapics card: (Intergrated) ATI radeon 3000
Cooling: ASUS Silent Knight II
Memory: 4GB kit (2GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-8500

I'm quite new to overclocking and the other day I overclocked my CPU for the first time via the FBS. I increase it slowly from 200 and eventually stopped at 227 so my CPU was OC'ed to 3400mhz, the voltage hadn't changed from stock(still 1.380V) and the temps never went above 46^C in Prime 95 test and they idled at about mid 20's. I changed the HT link so it was just a little over 2000 and the memory was on like 450 instead of 533mhz.

It was running fine for l;ike 3 days then today i booted it and it got stuck on the screen where you have the option to go to BIOS etc... and so i restarted and the 2nd time it went past this screen and on to the Overclock failed screen. So i pressed F1 to go to setup screen(BIOS) and just reverted all the OC settings back to what they were before, restarted PC and now everything is fine.

My questions are:
Do you thing any harm has been done?
Was that a reasaonable OC?
Is it safe to OC back to what is was?

Thanks, critez. P.S just ask if you need more specs/info.