Iomega 2TB hard drive no longer working

I have a 2TB iomega hard drive which contains all my files in storage and is less than a quarter full. I brought it with me on holidays (it was packed carefully in my computer bag and wasn't subjected to any violent movement or anything), but since setting up my laptop here, it's not being recognised by my computer. The light that used to be either orange or green is now blue. It's not making any whirring noises when I plug it in and I can't get it to read on any computer I can find. What's wrong with it and how can I access the files on it? There must be a way to redeem it if it's faulty; it seriously hasn't had any hard knocks or anything that would damage it.
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    You could remove the drive from the casing and try another casing if you have access to one. You could also try removing the drive and hooking it directly to a sata port if you have access to a desktop.

    If you don't really have access to either of those, then taking it to a repair center is probably your best option. A drive doesn't necessarily need a hard knock to break, sometimes they just die, hopefully in your case is just a problem with the casing/power rather then the drive itself.
  2. Thank you for this advice, tomatthe. From the options you mention, I'll need to take it to a repair centre, because - yes - I don't have access to either of the other things you mentioned. I really hope it's a casing or power issue. Your answer has given me hope! Thanks again.
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    nme too, my drive is totally dead but it did fell on the floor. the light is on when i plugged it but the drive doesn't react, it used to vibrate lightly and i could hear a noise that it's working.
    nhow much roughly does it cost to repair or retrieve do you know?
  5. bevis said:
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    nme too, i have the same problem with my iomega (2T), it doesn't show on my desktop. do u know roughly how much it costs to retrieve data?
    nand where could i get it done?
  6. I have exactly the same problem with the iomega 2 tb external hard drive, I will not buy this brand again
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