New Machine Built, 3dmark score???

Athlon x3 435
Radeon 4890
GA_MA74GM-S2 rev 4.1
4gb patriot 1066 mhz
500gb Seagate Barracuda

Just installed Windows 7, added drivers and ran the new 3dmark vantage.

I'm getting 3dmark P8842
GPU Score - 9775 CPU Score - 6873

Is that accurate? Am I doing something wrong?
(I know i ran a dual core optimizer with the dual core, anything I need to do for the x3?)
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  1. those do seems a bit low, i know the 4890 is comparable to a gtx 275 which i have and i get 12000+ depending on which driver i'm using.
    For cpu if you looking at toms charts it comes up to something like 30000 ish, to be honest i have no idea, why it's that's low for you cpu, you might want to have cpuz running, while your doing the benchmark to make sure it's not in the downclocked power saver mode
  2. I upped the bus to 215 so I am at 3.1 ghz
    I do not have the amdquietcool on.

    At 3.1, I have 3dmark of P9171
    GPU 9881 CPU 7547

    So something has to be off. I installed the most recent ati drivers.
    Is there something I had to install MB wise or extra software?
  3. I take that back i think your cpu score is fine, just looked on some other forums, and those seem typical, i believe that the number on the charts here at tom's are using nvidia cards. Which typically greatly boost cpu scores, by offloading, the physics computing, to there gpus
  4. Ok o/cd the 4890 atm for core of 901 and memory clock at 1000.
    Now im at
    gpu - 10290
    cpu - 7499
  5. that sound more reasonable for a 4890
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