PC won't boot!

My PC won't BOOT on my lcd, the fans spin, the power light on the motherboard turns on and the led light

in front turns on however the screen is blank. I'm kinda of worried that I may have damaged the mobo

during the fan installation that sucker didn't want to go in.

You know that feeling when you just paid 750$ for computer parts and you regret ever attempting to

make a PC on your own because that money may have gone down the drain? Well you guys probably

don't cause your experts but that is the feeling I am feeling right now! Please Help I am extremely

desperate for guidance!

CPU Intel Core i3 530

Mobo p7h55-mpro

Ram Rip Jaws 4gb DDR3

GPU ati radeon hd 4850

psu thermaltake 600watts
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  1. Did you review the stickied thread at the top of the forum?
  2. Yes I just reviewed that, my graphics card is in just fine, my cpu is in the right way and plugged in to the power connector on mobo, i tried on ram stick and then 2, and power is going to all my components.
  3. There are two different places on your motherboard where power goes, in entirely different places. One is a large 24-pin connector and the other is a small 8-pin connector where 4 of the pins are covered. Both of these have to be connected.

    Aside from that the PSU is a poor one, and could be the issue.
  4. Thermaltake power supplies are not the very best you can buy but they also are not junk. If your PC power, Corsair, Antec, OCZ, are cadillac, bmw, saab, then thermaltake is a honda - cheap and reliable but yes, not the very best money can buy.
  5. No you cannot group Thermaltake PSUs together like that. Some are OK, some are trash.

    Some TR2s are made by CWT. This one is made by HEC and has no APFC among other things.
  6. Thermaltake is not like a Honda. It's more like a Yugo.
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    Try this, the spec for you i3 530 chip;
    It appears to have on chip graphics & maybe conflicting with the graphics card.

  8. JD13 said:
    Try this, the spec for you i3 530 chip;
    It appears to have on chip graphics & maybe conflicting with the graphics card.


    Nice catch :)
  9. Darn!!! somebody from this site recommended that graphics card when I had chosen another so I decided to

    go with it instead of my previous choice, thanks for the help I will send the card back.(hopefully they will

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  11. No you misunderstand. He's saying that your BIOS is probably detecting the CPU and activating onboard graphics. You need to attach the monitor to the onboard graphics and then configure the BIOS to use the PCI-E slot card.
  12. Thanks for letting me know, I have to attach the hdmi to the port in my graphic card?
    Because I already attached my hdmi to the port on the motherboard.

    **thanks for putting up with these dumb questions, I don't know much thats why I need your help**
  13. I tried the method above ^ but I was not able to get it to work
  14. So you don't get a signal from either port eh?

    You should take out the graphics card as you don't need it to get up and running. My best suggestion to you at this point is to disassemble everything and follow the assembly instructions carefully - the ones stickied at the top of the forum.

    If you still have no luck at that point RMA the MB as defective... but I'm pretty sure this is a case of user error.
  15. I agree with that assessment, you caught one of my problems earlier I didn't have the 8-pin power connector

    plugged in but it still didn't work. I think now that the mobo is defective seeing as how I saw smoke coming

    out of it when I was talking over the phone with a customer service guy trying to hear the system beeps.
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