I need a program to measure voltage, cpu z and everest do not work

I have Athlon x2 5000+ and Foxconn A78AX motherboard

CPU z says my vcore is 1.856, and it really isn't, because BIOS says it's 1.36, and BIOS says 1.856 is actually the voltage for RAM...

so I tried a different program. Everest also says cpu voltage is 1.856

This is such a weird problem, so I searched google the other day and found out that at least one person with SAME MOTHERBOARD has same problem with cpu z displaying wrong value in wrong slot...

I would normally disregard a problem like this since I know that 1.856 is actually the RAM voltage, but I still need a way to monitor vcore. I recently activated cool n' quiet and I want to see how much voltage really drops when computer is idle... (CPU Z shows that multiplier and clock speed drops, but voltage is fixed at 1.856 since it is actually showing the RAM voltage somehow)
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  1. Try HWMonitior from www.cpuid.com one of the voltages in their monitor will probably br the Vcore you will just have to figure it out.
  2. Thanks. but it still doesn't display the right value anywhere : (
  3. Is hwmonitor off by the same amount?
  4. Yes, they all show up as 1.836, which is actually the value for RAM voltage
  5. You try Speedfan or PC Wizard 2010?
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