Disassemble Acer Aspire 5535-5018

I need help to dis assemble my acer 5535, is there anyone who can help me? Need to replace a power cord.
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  1. I meant to say power jack not cord. Sorry.
  2. Acer can help you. Download all the manuals for your computer from their site. I know HP provides full instructions on disassembly. If they cannot, someone in person can figure it out and walk you through. But as ever laptop is different, only someone with with knowledge of your specific model can really help you online.

    As someone who has taken apart and repaired a few laptops, I can tell you it is long and harder work. Some plastic parts that screws screw into can snap while trying to remove them (this happened in my TX2500. Still works fine though). It will take a lot of time and patience if you have never done it before. Make sure you keep track of where all the screws go etc.
  3. Follow your thread here:
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