Game isnt preforming as well as it should?

Hi, I have a E5400 dual core CPU (2.7) I oc'ed it to 3.7 without any issues or flaws. Also have a GTX 460 1gb version. And before i overclocked the processor, my games like (Sc2) would run horribly, like 40-60 fps at the start of the game. This goes for TF2 as well and sometimes League of Legends. Then I overclocked it, making it just a bit better. Sc2 now gets 80-100 FPS at the start, and tf2 maybe like 10 FPS increase. RAM is 4gb, and i checked task manager and it never goes above like 3gb. My cpu goes to about 80% instead of 95% with my unoverclocked E5400.
So the problem here is: why is the processor still not good enough for sc2 or even TF2? near the end of the game, i get about 20 FPS in sc2. same for TF2 when there are a ton of guys playing. Not a network issue, i did check that. Is my Dual Core E5400 Clocked at 3.7 ghz still not good enough? I had thought that the games would only take 2 cores. Thanks in advance.
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  1. At 3.7GHz I would expect your gameplay to remain consistant throughout. What are you using for a heatsink there and what are your temps while gaming? Also what kind of airflow does your case have?
  2. sorry for the late reply
    Yeah the temps are fine (HW monitor reported 32 degrees celcius on idle, around 40-50 in game.)
    I have 3 case fans and a cooler master heatsink, so im not seeing mush of a problem there
    Yeah sorry if I'm not that helpful, I'm not a tech guy but my brother is haha.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm thinking that there are quite a few 'tricks' out there (in cyberspace) to optimize gaming, a search my be helpful as far as what may be disabled due to (seemingly) competing for resources. It's the only thing that really comes to mind when I consider the frame rate dropping and holding after a period of time. Try this link and this one although I like the first one better.
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