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Intel Q9950 CPU startup

Last response: in Components
May 20, 2010 9:20:28 PM

Hello, I just had the initial startup attempt of a new Dell Optiplex 960 SMT desktop which has the Dell 0Y958C motherboard. I bought this as a new barebone system. I installed a Intel Q9550 CPU, a HDD and 4GB of DDR2 Ram. It stopped on the initial startup in a green DOS screen with a message that I need to configure it for System Board Mode Configuration. I have 5 options to choose from, but if I choose the wrong one... it says once I make my choice, it cannot be changed and that the M/B may be damaged if I select the wrong choice. I am not interested in any fancy security or remote operation of this system. Can anyone help me with the choice of one of the 5 options?
2. N/A
3. Manageability Engine (ME) Disabled.
4. AMT_DASH_vPRO: No_TLS(not for USA).
5. AMT: None
May 21, 2010 3:52:35 AM

Hello, and welcome to the Forum.

Which is it...the Lady or the tiger, or the tiger, or the tigrer...

This is what I would do, don't do anything. Contact Dell and have them help you. This is not a risk on your part. If they damage it, their fault. If you damage it, there goes your $$$.

+1 on that sound advice from the dogman as usuall
September 19, 2010 12:49:09 PM

I am having the same issue with a bare bones Optiplex 960 that I just purchased via ebay. Did happen to find an answer to this question?
October 4, 2010 11:08:46 PM

Thanks for your replies (Eitherwulf and Dolmsted).
This feedback (reply) will hopefully help anyone else who encounters this problem.

I tried getting help with Dell support. Dell will not talk to you without a Service Tag number or Express Service Code. You do not get either of those when you buy a new barebone system because you are basically building and configuring the computer yourself. I bought this on e-bay as a new barebone system. I have since got the issue solved by having a technician at my internet service provider suggest what to do.

This is what is called "Advanced Management Technology" and is connected with the Intel Q9550 CPU capability when installed on a new motherboard (not sure if it is just Dell M/B's or all M/B's) and when it is fired up for the first time. The technology (AMT) provides you with a method to set up a security maintenance system to permit Dell to do work on your computer online which apparently is an optional part of Dells warranty program now.

"Option 3" is the choice you must make to avoid creating problems for yourself in the future. The reason is because you are building a system that is completely independent of any Dell support for warranty or maintenance. I have built three of the Dell Optiplex 960 systems now using the Intel 9550 CPU and used the "Option 3" and they all work fine. Option 3 basically disables the AMT.

I imagine that all the newer high powered Intel CPU's probably require you to make this choice when installing it on a new motherboard and the fire up for the first time. I hope this is helpful for anyone installing the Intel Q9550 on a new motherboard.