Fx-8350 OC examples

hello everyone,

just out of curiosity what are other 8350 owners getting to with there overclocks?
eg multi and bus speed, voltage, temps etc etc
looking to see what the max i could reach is with this cpu, got it yesterday previously owned an fx-8120 that was at 4.3ghz

im currently sitting at 4.8ghz @ 1.41v 40degrees load

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  1. I'm sitting at 4.6Ghz at 1.5v.... I dont know why, maybe I'm just a noob but first off before anyone says it yes, that voltage is WAY to high imo, I can't figure out why it's not stable with lower voltage, currently my temps are just rediculous as well I push 57c sometimes while streaming. I know this chip can handle a LOT more then 4.6, AMD overdrive tried to clock it at 6.3Ghz for me but as if that was going to be stable lol. I've got a 970fx which is probably mostly my problem. But still I shouldn't have to put 1.5v into this thing to get a measly 4.6Ghz. Idle as I type is 30c, which its usually sitting around 40. I've got a Hyper 212 plus evo as well sitting on it.
  2. Wooo that is high compared to what im at,
    Have you got all the settings in your bios right? I research everything before i start just to make sure i dont get it wrong lol.
    I think it takes mine 1.49v to get 5ghz but my temps are to high for me to be happy at that speed lol

    Cheers for the reply though
  3. I've researched and researched, but this specific chip seems more elusive then others. I've tried disabling things in the BIOS like some of the throttling features and whatnot but nothing I did made a difference. Considering this thing has been pushed to what, 8.5ghz? I figured I'd be able to get a bit more outa it, then again I dont have all that fancy cooling stuffz and a nice mobo.
  4. For one, all of you ought to list what kind of cooling you have. And 8.5Ghz is LN2 cooling not useful for everyday stable 24/7 overclocks.

    What are both of you using for stability testing?

    And just an FYI 61C is the absolute max for temps with 55C being the recommend max.
  5. i got mine at 4.9 that's at 24.5x, and volts is 1.44 and my temp is 37, i am on water cooling as well, my motherboard is a Crosshair V formula and my memory is corsair 1866 set to the manually on the board.
  6. @chris11579 are you running a closed loop cooler or custom and is that the load or idle temp?
  7. sorry yes closed loop its the corsair h80i and the temp was on normal usage, the highest i have had it to on prime 95 was 42. after 8 hours running,
    i am on windows 8 64 bit on start up its at 23, then left to equalize and this is at 36 with the heating on as well,
  8. You seem to have gotten a pretty good chip there chris11579, it should be able to push past 5Ghz given your temperature and voltage headroom.
  9. yes have had a play and seen 5.2 out of her but not sure about the volts. here is a link for you i think 5.24 may be a bit high ?

  10. just had a try at this to see if it's stable got the volt's at 1.488 at x26 temp is at 35 at the moment

  11. I know they're using LN to cool it, was just saying though. I've only got a Hyper 212 + Evo for my chip. Still, I can't believe the massive heat increase from just a small OC. Guess this cooler isn't as robust as I thought. I was able to push a 965 BE pretty far with excellent temps.
  12. 5.2ghz!! Iv not gone that far yet. I got to 5ghz n stopped until i sort a custom wc loop out, ive current got a corsair h70. Idles 15-25 (cold-hot day) max load of about 45
  13. Thanks for all the info everyone
  14. Nice overclock chris, is it prime stable?
  15. Thanks yes it's stable not pushing any higher still running prime to make sure all is ok
  16. Your chip makes me want one chris, just to see how far I could push it. Maybe come tax refund time...
  17. it's not a bad chip but just tried it at 5.3 and, then to 5.4 but at this setting it will not start up, so i think 52 is the safe place to be :D
  18. I'm at 4.625Ghz on 1.4v with a CM V8, max temp under heavy load 46C.
    I did my stability testing on Intel Burn Test.
  19. With enough vcore you could probably reach 5.4Ghz, I dunno if your cooler will make it that far though. I wouldn't do it for everyday use but for extreme overclocking sessions it could be fun.

    What are you running your northbridge at chris and the same question to you dannoddd?
  20. I'd have to look for sure when I get home, I am running a mixed FSB/Multi overclock because I have DDR3 1600 RAM, but I overclocked it to 1800. The math says I should be around 225 bus and I think the default NB is 2000, I wanna say I'm around 2400 or 2600 because of the bus OC. I'll double check when I get home.

    Default voltage on everything but RAM and CPU though.
  21. Chris, I think you might be confusing some voltages and settings. Two voltages associated with the northbridge chipset on the motherboard should never be changed, one labeled just NB and the other labeled NB 1.8. Overvolting these can fry the northbridge chip on your motherboard, it is passively cooled and there is no reason to overclock/overvolt it.

    You will want to up the northbride speed (the one you currently have set to auto) but this is actually the cpu's memory controller not the northbridge on the motherboard. The voltage that is associated with the northbridge speed is the cpu-NB and most reccommend not exceeding 1.3v here.

    The 2608.71 is actually your hypertransport, the fsb/bus speed are the same thing set at 200.68 (fsb=front side bus).

    When trying to get your ram to work make sure you manually set the timings, voltage, and speed all to the manufacturers specs.

    I don't want to completely hijack this thread so if you want more help OCing start a new thread and link it to here so i can find it.
  22. here is my light oc 4530mhz I am in an old antec 600 case with a hyper 212 in a pushpull config. I am sure I could go higher if I had a better case with better air flow and was using liquid. http://valid.canardpc.com/2735464
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