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I have a stupid question. I am in the process of upgrading my pc and got 3x2gb kingston hyperx for my asus p6x58d-e. However, i'm still running vista 32bit and would like to confirm all the modules are working fine and are not dead. Is there a way or a program to test the sticks? Can I put 1 stick at a time into the board and test it? Is that safe to do and will my computer work/boot?

Thanks for the help...
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  1. Yes, you can. To test whether the memory is broken or not you can use Memtest86+.

    Regardless of which you run 32-bit OS or not, the best way is to examine each stick using Memtest86+. Sure, you can speed it up by testing two sticks/three sticks at a time, but if in the test it fails, then you can check by one stick to see which one is broken.
    Also, I don't know if Memtest will detect 4 GB (if you use 2 sticks) when it's testing, if Win 32-bit is used..
  2. so you would recommend putting in 1 stick at a time and testing it with memtest86?
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    Yea, so to say.

    My point is I don't know if plugging 4 GB of sticks in Win-32 bit will appear as 4 GB in Memtest86+.

    Maybe also I was too general. I maybe just want to share you some tricks should you use many sticks to test.
    If want to test many number of sticks, say, 6 sticks. This many, you can test 2 or 3 sticks at a time, then if the group fails to test, he proceeds to test one stick from that group.
  4. thanks for the help. i caved and picked up windows 7 64 bit.
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