Catalyst 10.2 and Crossfire Profile does not let me enable Crossfire

Allright, I feel pretty stupid right about now, but maybe this post might help someone in a similar position as I was in.
A simple reboot fixed that. . .

Downloaded the latest driver and Crossfire Profile software, but now in CCC I can't enable Crossfire. I check the box and click Apply, but the box stays unchecked.

Checked the hardware section and both video cards are installed and recognized by the computer, but the second one is disabled.

Ran a few games and checked CCC, only one card is running.

Last driver I had was 9.12, I believe. That one had no problems with crossfire. Anyone else having these problems?

BTW, these are with two 4850s 512 mb, running Win 7 64 bit.
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  1. Do a clean re-install with Driver Sweeper and see if it helps
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