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RAM which one is better?|20-231-276^20-231-276-TS%2C20-231-303^20-231-303-TS

i know one has a higher Mhz but one has better Cas Latency

i am using a amd 1090t and a asus crosshair iv
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    If you like either of those, this one is best:

    BTW, both of your choices appear to be CL7.
  2. Amd 1090t takes full advantage of memory, unlike Intel who gives bottleneck in their processor. So from both comparison you gave, choose the 1600 one. But if it were me, I'd choose the Mushkin link above. It's $15 off and yet still gives same powerfulness as a 1600 Mhz memory.
  3. umm... any red colored one? hehe
  4. Out of the two you mentioned, 1600MHz one is definitely better. But the one mentioned by twoboxer is equally good and you can get that as it is only $80.
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