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I think I've settled on a i5-750 chip with a gigabyte board and I'm trying to decided on a mid case. Can anyone recommend a simple, QUIET, NOT HEAVY, great cooling capability and inexpensive case that I can get? I've got a Thermaltake case and it is extremely heavy and sounds like an aircraft when running.
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  1. Budget?

    Antec 300. Illusion version if you want it black.
  2. ^1. Or Antec 900, HAF 922, NZXT EVO,etc.
  3. +1 for Antec 300 or 900
  4. +1 for the antec 900.

    My buddy has one of those and for the airflow its damn near silent. Keep in mind that the case is a tad heavier than your run of the mill $50 tin can cases but well worth it.

    If the aircraft sound that you speak up is fan noise then you can solve that by upgrading the fans. If the sound is airflow then there isn't much you can do besides lowering fan rpms which will affect cooling capacity or getting rid of any filter/modders mesh that might be adding to the noise. Keep in mind that this would make your computer case very dusty.
  5. Also look at the Lian Li PC-k58/60/62, if you want extreme ease of installation, and the Cooler Master Storm and sniper.
  6. i have the haf 922 and like it alot. i did take it completely apart down to removing all the rivets and painting the insides black though. great case but looks cheap. a little modding and it's a win.
  7. +1 for the CM 690 II advanced!
    I can personally recommend the lian-li lancool k62. Its <100$ and its a very good case! Quiet, very cool, awesome cable mgmt, tooless, and fits a 5970!

    And both theses cases have black interiors which really makes them nicer.
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