any experience with the Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Single 120mm Radiator - 80mm Thick ?? building my water cooling system and can't decide the radiator right after my cpu and before my gpu. any suggestions? need single 120mm radiotor. Thanks!


what I was going for at first:
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  1. Single, you mean there'll be only 1x120 rad in your entire loop ? :) Just a thought I'd like to clear up
  2. no, there will be a triple 120 radiator right before the pump. But I wanted a radiator right before my gpu and after my cpu.
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    If your TDP and heat dissipation are done correctly and have lead you to get a 360+120 in your loop then...

    The monsta's are low FPI rads with the ability to dissipate heat at low rpms, and with their depth increased to 80mm compared to the ~60 on any other thick rad available, this is a good rad but be careful, that rad is 80mm in depth, adding a 25mm fan would mean 125mm on the back of case.

    I have the bigger Monsta 240rad.
  4. thanks!, well my case is pretty big so I don't think it'll be a problem!
  5. Thank you for the VOTE. Have you made anymore progress with your build ? :)
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