Quadro FX 3800 or 4800

I am build a new rig. I need some advice on which card to get. I mostly use AE and premiere pro cs4 sometimes 3ds max. Is the Quadro fx 4800 overkill for these programs. The price is not the issue. I don't want to pay for something that will not be utilized. thanks any feedback is much appreciated.
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    The Quadro FX3800 is good enough unless you have quite a bit of work that will pay for the FX4800. Both are great cards so tell me more about your needs, if they are time sensitive work that you do like CS4 encoding ect then get the FX4800 due to bandwidth as well larger frame buffer which helps with large models.

    Here is a good review of several workstation cards, I would agree with nforce4max that you only get the 4800 if you are pinched for time as it is more than twice the cost of the 3800 and nowhere near twice the performance according to the benches.
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