What should I Upgrade? (:

My rig: e5200, 6gb DDR2 800 ram, Sapphire 3870, 320gb HDD, Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G. 550w coolermaster psu
I think it comes down to my cpu and gpu. I play alot of games. Will get a 19 or 20" monitor. So resolution would be around 1600x900. I also do a lot of rendering. But gaming is my primary objective.
Spending about $150
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  1. I'd get a 5770 and try out a little OC on the CPU (if you haven't).
  2. Yea the 5770 is a good choice. Like im scared to OC cuz i think my MOBO is not trustful. But if i do ill get it to 3ghz
  3. more sugestions plz
  4. Quote:
    +1 on the 5770 too. Though you can sell 2GBs of RAM and get a better monitor, as I doubt rndering uses over 4G.

    That Gigbabyte is good enough to OC, try going for 3.2Ghz, if should be just fine.

    there is no point of selling 800 ram. so ill keep 6gb. i like it cuz i can minimize games easily. hey "20 if fine.
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