Thermalright Silver Arrow help

Looking in to getting a good heatsink for my rig (i5 3570k)
The Thermalright Silver Arrow stood out to me.
but the question is...
do i get the
Silver Arrow Extreme SB-E (

Or the

Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E (

There is very little difference in price (UK)
if someone can give me temps ect, i would be grateful.

Thanks in advance

Oh one last think my case is the Zalman Z11 plus
if you need that to consider air flow ect.
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  1. maximum pc did an article but i cant see any other reviews or comparisons on any other sites[primary-term]/thermalright_silver_arrow_sb-e_review
  2. That's the same product. The choice appears to be between the colours of the TY-140 fans you'll receive.

    GOLD: Including TY-150&TY-141 Ultra low noise PWM fans

    RED: Including Two TY-143 high speed PWM fans
  3. Oh and remember, it's a massive cooler, so make sure it'll fit inside your case.
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