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Hello, community. Here is an example as I'm not sure how to frame my question.
My motherboard suggests dual channel DDR2-1066 RAM. However, after running Sandra's overview, it shows that optimal ram frequency is 533mhz. Now, I've been told that since it's dual channel, 2 sticks of ram, each running at 533mhz is equivalent to the 1066mhz standard. I've also been told that that is untrue. So, am I wasting my money on 1066 ram when the motherboard can only post 533mhz tops? Thanks, everyone, for your advice.
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  1. Hi prodigy and welcome to Tom's forum.

    The 1066MHZ is a waste of money if you compare it with 800MHZ since the performance increase isn't big.

    Now, all the programs only read the default speed and not the dual channel speed. You can use CPU-Z and in tab memory u will see the same 533MHz, but your RAM is running in dual channel that is 1066MHZ.
  2. It should tell you in your bios,also you should be able to change it there as well.Mine was reading 800mhz and i also have 1066mhz,i just changed it in the bios and all is good.
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