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I've got an itch: Topic 5 - Storage (SSD)

Got the itch, but not ready to scratch!

I got the “time to build a new system” itch again. Keep in mind; this will be my 6th or 7th build, so I’m no noob.

Before I go into detail, see my signature of my current rig.

I use this mainly for Office applications (Word, Excel, and Finance/Budget programs), surfing the web, and movie watching. I usually have several applications running at once (i.e. Excel, Quicken, Outlook, IE, and downloading something), but I have not monitored my usages thru Task Manager, but I will. I don’t notice much bottlenecking, but I do demand a responsive system.

It’s also set up in a home network with my wife’s PC, my TV, Blu-Ray player, and Wi-Fi printer through a router. I’m not a gamer, but would like a powerful enough machine if I do play. In the future I would like to copy/convert my DVD collection to my PC.

Since I have several topics, I’ll break down it down into threads for the appropriate categories: CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics, and Storage (SSD). I’ll use the PSU and case I have, as well as all the other components (monitor, printer, etc.).

After weighing the options to upgrade to the upcoming Ivy Bridge CPU and Z77 chipset motherboards, I think I’ll wait a while (until the bugs are fixed, if any. Remembering the Sandy Bridge motherboard chipset bug, requiring a total recall).

I don’t want to go the LGA 2011 route, as everything is way more expensive. Although I do like the latest SBM $2600 rig!

But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do so “upgrades” within my current system.

So here I go (finally)...

Topic 5: Storage (SSD)

I have had several SSDs in the past: iX25-V 40GB, Vertex 2 60GB, AData 511 64GB. Agility 3 60GB, Vertex 3 60GB, Samsung 830 64GB, Vertex 3 MaxIOPS 120GB, back to Vertex 3 60GB. Each set in RAID 0 to double the size and speed. I just keep upgrading to the newest technology. Now that a 120GB drive is about the same price as the 60GB drive were, I could jump into a single 120GB drive.

I want to try the Intel 520 120GB model. It’s rated faster than even the OCZ MaxIOPS line in overall IOPS’s, and cheaper! I’m not ready to try the OCZ Vertex 4.

My real question is: Do I really need RAID 0?

I know all about lose of TRIM support in RAID. But, I’ve had no problems in the past.

I’ve read that the larger the size of the drive, the better the performance of an SSD. But SSDs do scale very well in RAID 0.

Does 1-120GB model perform as well as 2-60GB in RAID 0? In performance benchmarks, I’d say no. What about real world benchmarks? Boot times?

I may be pushing myself into 1 larger drive, and loosing RAID anyways.

Your thoughts are welcome, but please: No RAID bashing.
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    In my opinion, no you will not see a noticable real-world performance difference when using a single fast SSD as compared to 2 in RAID 0. The RAID cofiguration wlll be twice as likely to fail as a single drive, loss of TRIM support can result in performance degradation and you're probably not pushing the performance limits of a single SSD. If you're doing office appluicaions as described in your usage, I would highly recommend a single drive and get rid of the complication and increased chance of failure with RAID0. If you have to have the absolute fastest thing out there, go with a PCIe storage device like the OCZ Revodrive. You'll get better performance than your RAIDed SSDs.

    BTW I'm not sure upgrading to ivy Bridge from a 2500k is going to make much sense either based on your usage.
  2. I looked at the RevoDrives.

    And actually, my RAID 0 setup is FASTER then the RevoDrive 3 x2 120GB, and cheaper! Above the x2 120GB, they get way to expensive.

    I've already returned 2 OCZ Vertex 3 120GB MaxIOPS because the cost didn't outway the difference in performance (in RAID 0). I have a thread in here about that.

    But thank for the input.
  3. The newer revo drives will do 1500MBps/1250MBps write with over 200k IOPS but I believe those models start at 240GB.
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  5. Thank for the replies.

    The sale at Microcenter was just too good to pass, so I picked up a i7 2600K for $199.99. Probably gonna sell the i5 2500K on craigslist for $100.00.

    After weight many things, I also pick up an Intel 520 120GB SSD. I removed my RAID setup. During install, I really can not notice much difference in boot times (juist a little slower, maybe 1 or 2 seconds), and application loads seem a little faster. It's is a little snappier. So I'm happy.

    I probably sell the 2 Vertex 3 60GB on craigslist for $150.00 or so.
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