Cat 10.2. How do you use the new CrossfireX app profiles?


Exactly as the title says, I am quite confused. I have downloaded the Cat 10.2 Drivers only, as I use ATI Tray Tools in place of the awful CCC. I also downloaded the CrossfireX profiles from the drivers DL page.

How do I use these profiles? Can I see which games are supported by these profiles?

I went to the install directory and there was nothing for me to access there, I hope it's not something that requires CCC :fou: .


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  1. I think those app profiles did require the use of ccc.
  2. Really, does anyone know for sure?

    I read somewhere that it is done automatically, but I'm not sure if I misinterpreted.

    If anyone knows it'd be greatly appreciated, can't seem to find any info on these.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    You can't edit the profiles,its done automatically
  4. Haha, alright. Thanks for clarifying that! I wish there was a way you could see which games the profiles apply to, would be interesting to know.

    And what is with all the welcomes when I post here, Lol. Is it because I open with Hello?

    Hehe, i've been here for a while and i'm no longer a youngster! heh

    Anyway, thanks I think ATI should put out a list at least of what profiles there are.
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