ASUS P6T 1201 BIOS + Edimax 7128G= No wireless?

After upgrading to the new BIOS, I noticed that the Edimax 7128G PCI Wireless-G card no longer connects successfully at boot. However, when I disconnect from my network and reconnect, it works fine. I have set up a static IP and DNS, but it still does this. Does anyone else have a build like this that they just updated, and if so, are you experiencing the same issues? I'm going to try to downgrade my BIOS to see if that helps.
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  1. Could be that the new BIOS is "outrunning" the wireless card's "pwr-up-init".

    From a cold "off" state ... Turn on the power button and wait for the HDDs to spin up (about 6 seconds) then hit the reset switch.

    The idea being to let the network card reach full power before it is "polled" at boot.

    = Alvin =
  2. And ... when I say that the nic has to reach "full power", ... I am really saying that it might do a little "firmware boot/diags" procedure of it's own, before saying "i'm here and ready" ... could be the system has moved beyond the "sense" sequence by the time the nic can be seen.
    .... You might enable the bios flash screen, just to inject a small pause into the post cycle (depending on the order of the init algorythms).

    = Alvin =
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