Why wont my computer reconize my hard drive?

I am working on a non-manufacturer built computer system so I can't go to any manufacture site to download drivers or even update BIOS. The computer will recognize the old 200GB SATA drive, but when I try to put a new 500GB SATA drive in the drive doesn't show in BIOS. I am not sure how to solve this problem. Any suggestions are appreaciated.
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  1. What motherboard do you have? Look up the model and got to the manufacturer of the mobo's website and get the latest BIOS from there.

    Also to verify the new drive is good, try it on another system if at all possible.
  2. Interested to know what motherboard? HAS to Be manufactured by somebody!
    Sounds like a bad drive or incompatible with your SATA interface! List all the hardware in question!
  3. If the BIOS won't see the drive(s), when you have got a serious problem.

    Stupid, but are both cables plugged in?
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