Need help - SSD and RAID 1 new install

Motherboard - DX58SO2
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate
SSD - Intel 120 Gb (520 series)
HDDs - Seagate 3Tb (2 of them)
(I am only installing OS on SSD, 2 HDDs for RAID 1 config, all other system components installed)

This is for an existing system where I'm replacing my HDDs.

Can you please tell me what important steps I am missing here?:
1. SSD and 2 HDDs not installed yet
2. Power up system, go into BIOS, change to "RAID"
3. Power down
4. Install SSD, insert Win 7 DVD, power up
5. After Win 7 installs, download all Microsoft Win updates
6. Power down
7. Install the 2 HDDs
8. Power up

Would greatly appreciate your help and advice! Thanks!

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  1. You may want to try configuring the BIOS and install the SSD and RAID array before doing the OS install. When Win 7 install asks where to install the OS direct it to the SSD.
  2. If your HDD don't have a previous OS on them, you should be okay installing them before the OS install.

    But, I don't like RAID 1 as a backup. I'd rather use 1 drive as my data/storage, and the other for real back ups, albeit manual, Windows, Norton or whatever backup utility you have.
  3. Thanks. Yes, SSD and 2 HDDs are new, no previous data on them.
    How do I configure so that system recognizes it is a RAID "1". Again, I never did RAID so I don't know what to expect when I stick my head into BIOS.
  4. You'll set the SATA ports to RAID in BIOS. Save and Close BIOS.

    Upon post, you'll notice a RAID screen, and you'll enter it with usually <Ctrl>+<I>.

    You'll set up what RAID array you want, and which drives you want in that array.

    Not all drives have to be in an array, as your SSD won't be. This is fine, as the default of a single drive set in RAID is ACHI. So TRIM will work, if you have Windows 7.

    And this should all done before you install the OS. After the OS install, you should update the chipset and iRST drivers.

    Again, I don't like using RAID 1 as a backup option. But you can do it!
  5. I see. Install the hard drives, update BIOS, install OS.
    Update chipset and IRST drivers? That's a new one for me.

    By the way, RAID 1 is not my backup option either. I'll be installing a current 4th drive right after all this. I just didn't want to include that information in this post. You know, TMI.
  6. I would like to do something similar except I have an existing RAID 1 with 2 HD's. With Win 7 Ultimate OS and apps, I have about 300GB used.

    I would like to add an SSD for OS and some apps and keep the RAID 1 intact.

    1) What's the best way to accomplish this?
    2) Would it work if I leave the data and OS on the RAID and just add the SSD and OS and apps outside of the RAID (if possible)?
    2) Or should I backup the RAID data to another HD drive, then wipe the original RAID to remove all of the OS?
    3) Then do a fresh install as the OP is doing and then move the data over to the clean RAID?
    4) I was thinking of creating a partition within the RAID to backup the OS and apps from the SSD and create an image every so often.
    5) Lastly I have other drives for backups and I am thinking of putting the most important data into a cloud backup.

    Thoughts from all you pros?

    Thx DD
  7. Read your motherboard manual?
  8. Unfortunately it is a pre built Dell system so no real MB manuals.

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