Crossfire 5870`s help??

alright so for my new rig im buying crossfire 5870`s and ive posted sometihng somewere before but im just asking in the proper forums ...

what cooling do you think would be appropriate? im buying from ibuypower and there saying the asetek cooling system would be adequate and do you think this mobo would be able to have crossfire 5870s .. gigabyte 790fxda-ud5 and im having a 1000watt power supply ... do you think my system will run smoothly? thanks for the input

p.s. if you do know any other optional cooling systems can you let me know? thanks :)
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  1. That mobo will be fine, but what are the specs of the PSU? 1000 watts doesnt tell us much
  2. oh sorry its a .. corsair - CMPSU-1000HX
  3. Asus' ARES HD5970 might be around $800 (I doubt).

    An HD5870 with a waterblock (really good cooling) is $500.
  4. adam873873 said:
    oh sorry its a .. corsair - CMPSU-1000HX

    That psu will do.

    As for cooling, original air cooler will just do fine unless you want to overclock bit more then i suggest water cooling setup but that might cost you $400-600.
  5. well ibuypower offers a liquid cooling system ... its an asetek liquid cooling system .. will a v8 cooling fan be fine for two 5870's?
  6. PSU is way way over sized.....most I would put in would be an 850.

    500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)

    For two GFX, I'd want a solid full tower case that allows you to direct air under and over the GFX cards. The Antec 1200 for example. Recommended Case / PSU combos would be:

    Antec 1200 / CP-850 - $244 + $30 if ya want the extra case window and GFX card fans

    HAF 932 / Corsair HX850 - $340-$360 depending on LED color
  7. Thanks for all the input , do you think a haf 922 would be suitable for good cooling as well? or should i just go with a 932 ... i CAN get the 932 but i want to spend the extra 100 - 140 $ on extras
  8. To my mind.....

    one GFX card, OC ..... ok in a 922
    two GFX cards, no OC ....ok in a 922
    two GFX cards, OC .... ya want a 932 (assuming of course the 1200 isn't an option)
  9. yeah i dont plan on overclocking ... im leaving em stock but i jsut dont any issues with them overheating etc.. so a 922 with just a aircooling fan would be good?? thanks alot for your response too
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