Bridge 8800gtx the sam as 260 gtx

is the sli bridge used on 8800gtx the same as the one used on 260 gtx
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  1. Yes, they all use the same bridge, however you cant SLI a 8800gtx and 260 together :)
  2. yes thx and u use the one away from dvi conn. correct
  3. DVI connection, maybe, depends what your monitor supports, if only vga use vga, if dvi use dvi, if hdmi use hdmi .
    vga > dvi >hdmi
  4. VGA to DVI adapter, then a DVI to HDMI adapter.... lol?
  5. nah dont mean it like that, what ever he has thats higher ranked, then use that haha
  6. i was talking about there r two set of conn. on each card and yes u use the ones towards the back lol thx 4 the info
  7. Oh right, i get what you mean, and tbh as far as i know it doesnt matter what bridge connector you put it on
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