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I installed a windows xp sp3 on my labtop, but now when i start the computer, start windows normally, then an error comes in blue collar background, but suddenly it disappers, and again it restarts the computer...i want to format before starting the computer...then i want to install a new windows.
please give some insight on how to do it?
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  1. Well, you can disable the automatic restart if you can get to it. Tap F8 at startup until U see the menu.
    Click disable automatic restart.
    Let it open again, and then U can see the error.
    Look for any *.sys file or for a *.dll file on the error message(to see what's related to), and for the code.

    Format and reinstall is a bit early, because we might solve this without that, but we'll see.

    What U can do, is try to go to safe mode, if not, try to go to recovery console (you need your xp cd,boot from it by changing boot order in bios, restart, press any key to boot cd and press R for recovery console)
    Now press 1, and enter password, or just press enter. You could do some stuff here, like a chkdsk /r, chkdsk /f, rename a driver that might be causing this, etc.

    If things done in safe mode or recovery console don't work, then U can try to repair the instalation.
    Boot for cd (you need your xp cd,boot from it by changing boot order in bios, restart) Press any key to boot from cd, and choose repair install. (it just installs on top of your old install)

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