My screen needs to be widened

I have a dell laptop computer. For some reason the screen display is too narrow and I cant widened it. I cant figure out how to make the screen wider and/or longer. Please help
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  1. Do you just mean the desktop, or the screen?

    If U mean just the desktop, then right click>properties>desktop >fit to screen

    If you mean the screen, then it could be your monitor or your video card.
    It may be resolution settings. Right click desktop>properties>setings. Try changing your resolution.

    If not, on some PC's, the default scaling of the needs to be adjusted.
    you should have a video card panel, (you can usually see your graphic panel in the taskbar, or by right clicking the desktop, or in control panel)
    Find it and open it. Look for an option like
    Panel Fit, aspect ratio, full screen, scaling options, etc.
    (not knowing what graphic card U have, I can't say exact)
    If you don't find it, post back the name of your video card
    (to find the name, just click Start>run, type dxdiag and press enter. Look at Display, that is where U find the name of your video card)

  2. Thank u for respondiing so rapidly. Yes all I had to do was go to Graphics properties and have the monitor screen fit to full size. It worked. Thanks a million!
  3. Not knowing what video card U have I couldn't tell you exactlly where to go.
    But see? Easy! I'm glad it worked!

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