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AMD Athlon 1090T & Nvidia 550TI

January 14, 2013 4:45:41 AM

So I want to overclock them, its my first time overclocking.

Unfortunatly I do have a stock Heatsync and fan, that came with the CPU, and I am hesitant about Overclocking, with that puny little thing. As is now, my cooling system is 2 side fans for HD's, which is kinda worthless since my HD's dont get that hot, 1 Big fan on top, 1 fan in the back. All my fans are rather silent, my case is relatively big, my CPU fan, is always humming away, working hard.

So for prep with OCing my CPU and GPU, I was thinking of getting a Big Side fan, and a new heat sync and fan.

I am just looking for advice when it comes to overclocking, what to watch for.

As well, how much does overclocking effect Heat generated?