Ways of CPU stress test

May i know the various ways of stress testing CPU
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  1. Prime95 is pretty much the norm. But there are other tourture test that you can download.
  2. Occt is another and can do other componants as well
  3. I use and recommend Burn In 2008, it's freeware and works really well.
  4. I use prime95, i dont see why you would need anything else to be honest. put maximum load on any number of cores and log results.
  5. +1 OCCT
  6. misry said:
    +1 OCCT

    +1 OCCT
  7. Thank you for everyone. I do not need open source tools to stress test CPU. We ourselves going to create a tool which works in all platforms. I've found FLOPS, compression, encryption are few ways of stress testing CPU. If there are something else, pls revert.
  8. I used prime 95 and when I found settings that are stable for 3+ hours ran Sisoftware sandra and the burn in test on it crashed immediately and I had to up the voltage 3 notches to get it stable in Sandra.
  9. I find that OCCT finds errors alot quicker then Prime95. 3 hours isn't enough for Prime it needs to run for 8 to 12 hours to be sure where as OCCT will usually find errors within the first hour.
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