Hmmm ssd help plz

well i just got my ssd in the mail. Its only a 30gb corsair novo 2. i decided not to put my os on it but just use it as extra storage and a game or two. Is there any setting in need to change on it if im just running it as extra storge?

just in case here are mySystem specs:

asus m4a88t-m mobo
8gb gskill jipjaws
amd x4 965 BE 3.4 ghz
80 gb hdd
30gb corsair nova 2 ssd
600w ocz psu
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  1. Just like any other HDD, for fastest operation make sure it is set in ACHI mode in BIOS.
  2. You should still apply any FIRMWARE updates to your SSD.

    FYI, I installed Windows 7 to a 60GB SSD on a system with 8GB of RAM and the installation size was about 35GB. Some 60GB SSD's have as little as 51.3GB of usable space.

    I ran out of space with the 60GB drive after six months due to installing programs, Microsoft Updates and System Restore points.

    My advice for Windows 7/Vista is a 120GB SSD, and install games to a separate hard drive (all my Steam games are on a 2TB WD Green drive and Windows is on an SSD).
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