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Hello all, all my parts finally arrived and I've been putting my computer together today. I've ran into a possiblely serious problem. My CPU fan doesn't move when I turn on the cpu. My 8pin connector near the cpu is plugged in via the psu's 8pin connector. Also my 4pin cpu_fan is plugged in by my coolmaster hyper212 plus that I replaced my stock fan with. It's plugged into the 4pin cpu_fan. Also my back and side case fans spin when I turn the cpu on, led light lights up on side fan, also on front panel the power button glows when I start the cpu. My hd radeon 4850 spins when I turn it on also. Only thing that doesn't spin is my coolmaster hyper212 plus cpu fan...... Please help me narrow this down, I don't think my motherboard is fried with my video card starting up and all.....I can post pics if necessary also, I just want this cpu working asap.
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  1. How long did you wait for the CPU fan to start? A lot of motherboards take a little while to start the CPU fan on startup because they vary the fan speed depending on the CPU temp. On a cold start it takes a few seconds for the CPU to heat up enough to start the fan.
  2. i dont know, I waited probably 4-6seconds.
  3. ok houston we have a problem....

    I heard a clicking sound earlier, thought it was my side fan, it was my cpu fan that sucked one of the power chords in. Which stopped my cpu fan from spinning and was down lower to where I couldn't really see it.

    Ok, I don't think i've had my cpu on for more than 6-8seconds so hopefully there's no real damage......I just restarted it after taking the power chord out and the cpu fan rotates a little then rotates backwards... fan might be fubared..... Any opinions?

    EDIT: Btw I haven't seen any smoke, smelled any smoked, or seen any fire ;p So hopefully my cpu hasn't burned..

    2nd EDIT: The fan might be screwed up because of that and that's why it makes a full circle then circles back a tad then circles forward a full circle and repeats. Hoping that with the hyper 212 plus, the metal coils and the temp in the house kept it from burning up the cpu. I don't know what to try or do now, if the cpu is dead i'm screwed for a couple weeks to a month on getting a new one.....a new fan, I could probably do that with no problem.... If it's the fan that's physically messed up from that is there any way to fix it? **Is completely stressed out**
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    more then likely your cpu is fine, at idle your cpu won't get too hot and the heatsink by itself should cool it enough, well actually if your using the stock cooler maybe not so much, but a giant copper Goliath, should be able to keep your cpu at sustainable temps, especially if you have other auxiliary fans keeping airflow moving in your computer

    that said if you should boot into the bios to make sure if everything is ok, look at cpu temps (if it's still ok), my bios at least displays this in one of the menus,
  5. If the fan will not run properly, you need to replace it. A 120 mm fan, 25 mm thick of the appropriate airflow will do.

    They are a little pricy, but I like these:
    Scythe S-Flex SFF21F
    Scythe S-Flex SFF21G
  6. Is there any way I can get another fan like this?

    I turned it on earlier and the fan wasn't rotating fully so i assume it's down for the count for good. Don't know if or how to fix it either if that's possible.

    Yeah that big thing was sitting on my cpu and the house was at like 55-65F degrees so lets hope it's all good. I just need to replace this fan. I'm afraid if I booted to see if it went into bios that it would burn up, maybe not?

    Anyways thanks for the help and if I can buy that exact fan that would be great!

    EDIT: also since my heatsink came with 2 mounts one for fan I have now and the other for an extra fan. If I was to put two fans on it, are both supposed to blow inwards onto the aluminum cooler, or is 1 supposed to blow out to remove any hot air? Probably 1 in and 1 out right? <--- CPU <----- or ----> CPU <-----
    (fan directions)

    BTW which fans are better/live longer? Long Life Sleeve or S Fluid Dynamic Bearing?
  7. Any help would be great, finally got this computer all together and just need help with this fan issue please.
  8. Put the fans in a Push Pull fashion, One pushes air in, one pulls it out. Honestly LLS or FDB doesnt matter much. But a sleeve usually does last a while.
  9. Any way to fix the fan or is it pretty much done for?
  10. Kysus said:
    Any way to fix the fan or is it pretty much done for?

    Unless you actually know what is wrong and how to fix it, the chances of you fixing it are pretty small. But try unplugging it from the MOBO and replugging it back in to see if that might fix it.
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