3dmark 11 score any good

is this score any good, never used this program before

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  1. few scored higher than you with the same setup. and the ones who did only by 50 points or so. so i guess its good. though with the same graphics card,an i5 3570k and lots of overclocking some have managed 3 times your score. though they probably have ridiculous cooling.
  2. Yeah that's good, albeit slightly lower than usual. Most dual 7950 will score 12000+ on 3DMark11 performance preset
  3. well thats not too bad i suppose,
    im only using a h70 n stock fan on xfx dd 7950

    working on getting the 8350 to 5ghz, so far its passed on wprime with no errors, so ill start with the other benchmarks lol
  4. http://valid.canardpc.com/2652840

    theres 5ghz :D need do some more tests though
  5. Holy Crap thats a good score! Well, compared to my 8320 and single 6850 I only get about 4400.
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