M4a89gto pro pciex16 problems

i have an Asus M4A89GTO pro, and for whatever reason, the top PCIE slot wont work with my 4870 1GB card, yet the bottom slot works perfectly fine. bios 1456

any ideas?
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  1. Test with another GPU, if doesn't work RMA the mobo.
  2. mmm, small problem: this is the only non-agp vid card i have.
    logic would dictate that if the vid card works on slot 2, and not 1, that the problem lies with the mobo anyway.

    i was just seeing if anyone in this community has encountered the same problem, and found a fix
  3. Hello from the world of tomorrow!!!! ... google result #2 for the phrase "M4A89GTO freezes".

    This motherboard is designed with a small insert card that must go into PCIE_0, the top slot closest to the CPU if you are running in a single GPU configuration. Your video card only works in the bottom slot because it's designed to be done that way.

    Read the manual. Seriously, It's right there. In Chinese-almost-English.

    PS. If you don't have the small insert card your second slot will only ever hit x8, never x16.

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