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hello , I own a gigabyte 6950 OC 1 GB version and I have the power option from the CCC missing , also msi afterburner does not allow me to use the power option even if I unlocked the overclocking abilityes.
I am having problems with the card as in most games does not pass 50-60 % gpu usage in games and I know it's not a bottleneck because I even OC the CPU at 4 Ghz and still nothing , my max cpu usage is 60-70% and I wonder if I can get the power options working and feed the card more juice than will it run better ? photo of my running programs and missing options from CCC and other
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  1. Power limit option needs to be unlocked in card's BIOS, just like voltage control does.
  2. and how can I do that please tell me ?
  3. You can't. Are your games running at 60fps when your card is at 50-60% usage? If so then you have Vsync turned on and there's nothing to worry about.
  4. well it's more like 30- 40 fps at that usage and the Vsync is off , CPU usage 60-70 % so no bottleneck . . . I read that all 6900 cards have amd powertune option seems like mine is not part of that group even if it's 6950
  5. Well, I don't know what's wrong in your case but it wouldn't hurt to reinstall latest drivers (12.11 beta I believe) and check the 'reset settings' option or w/e during installation.
  6. I have the latest drivers installed , the last days I used like 4 back versions and still nothing , I did reinstall them , I don't know what else to do , might aswell sell the damn thing
  7. can I use the BIOS from another 6950 to flash mine and have the power options available?
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