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Hi everyone,

I bought a 400W Corsair 3 months ago and it seems to me that it makes more noise now than when I received it. Because we're almost in June and the temperature is higher, I thought that the PS may adapt itself to the external temperature and work harder.

Is that possible ?
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  1. As your power supply will increase fan speed when it gets hotter then slow it down again when the fan has cooled it back down. It will repeat this cycle every time it detects a temp rise fall. At least i think thats what your trying to ask
  2. Yep, making the PS more silent in winter and more noisy in summer. Could a £35, 400W Corsair PS have this ability ?
  3. Quote:
    Why don't you read the manual that came with it and tell us? Oh and I found the answer in less than 30 seconds.

    The 400CX PSU from Corsair delivers premium features on a standard budget. This 400W PSU supports the latest ATX12V v2.2 standards. The unit is 80 Plus certified and has a 99% Active Power Factor Correction to ensure maximum efficiency.

    The cables are extra long to work in the largest tower. They are fully sleeved for easy routing and bundling. There is a PCIe power connector so you can use one of today’s high powered video cards. There are also 6xSATA and 6xMolex connectors so you can connect multiple drives and peripherals.

    Keeping it all cool is a variable speed 120mm fan. Air is vented through the hexagon mesh back panel. The universal input accepts voltages from 90-264 so you no longer have to worry if the switch was in the right position.

    +1 on that
  4. HmhmhmMHhm all right! I'm not surprised cause it's definitely more noisy now that the temperature increased in the last few days. Thanks for the info.
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