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Seeking advice and help for problems overclocking i5 3570k

January 14, 2013 2:55:06 PM

Before i start i would like to let you know i have very little experience in overclocking, all that i do know i've picked up from these forums and some others. This is my first time overclocking a cpu and i'm just learning as i go, at the same time i'm trying not to screw anything up.

I recently built a computer mainly to be used for gaming. (also first time builder) got it up and going without really any problems. the MB i bought was from msi and came with a feature for overclocking called OC genie. didn't really buy it for this option but i thought i would try it before trying to alter the settings myself.

After turning it on it took me to 4.2ghz and the only change i saw from the settings after turning it on was the cpu ratio altered to 42. after stress testing for about an hour in occt. i tried to change that number without altering anything else to 44. it still booted fine and ran through 2 more st one with the medium pack and the other with the small. still no problems and my temps were something like ...

room - 25c

core temps idle - 33- 39

cpu temp idle - 35 - 39

core full load - 54 - 60

cpu tem - 56 - 60

with one core maybe hitting 61. again i didn't change any voltage settings and in my bios it still said "auto". i had read from a few places that these are good temps and optimal for a simple overclock.

everything seemed to be fine for about 2 days and then after installing skyrim and uploading it with 40+ mods while i was playing the screen turned black, then came back seconds later. after another 30 mins it did it again. i decided to reset the system and when i did instead of rebooting i got a black screen. i shut it down the started it back and it came back on. i turned off oc genie and reset the bios to default.

after two days i haven't had any problems with it. after looking around on the internet though trying to find someone with a similar problem it seemed that all of the answers were usually related to a video card. i didn't oc my video card and the only option in my bios for the gpu is a voltage tab, which was always set at "auto".

ok so if you managed to read through that the questions im trying to get to are, is it even possible that the oc is what caused the problem. like i said when running a stress test i had no problems and skyrim is probably only using around 25 - 50% as much as that did. also could it be because i didn't alter the voltage to the cpu, my thinking was that if the cpu didn't have enough juice it wouldn't have gotten that far in the first place.

the final thing - i noticed when i didn't have it overclocked and i looked in cpu-z the core speed would be at around 1600mhz and jump to 3.4 or 3.8 whenever i did something and after the oc it would always stay at 4.4. is this normal or did i do something wrong, and could it be the source of the problem.