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I got my computer all fixed but I don't have a monitor yet :p. I didn't get one yet as I don't know what kind of monitors will be best for the HD5850, I am not so sure about the best size of monitor to use. If I take a 22" monitor, would it be too slow? What about 20", 18" or 17"?

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  1. 22" But also depends on resolution of it, the 5850 will be fine for 1680x1050 and for the most part 1920x1080 as well, will also do 2560x1200 well with few lowered settings, but you wont find that on 22" lol
  2. So the 5850 can handle 3 22" 1680x1050s?
  3. Most games yes. There will be some here and there you won't be able to max out or run max AA. I would start by picking your DP screen and build around that. It will be the one that costs the most.
  4. Hmm now that i think of it: TS are u even gonna play games?
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