Which is better, and why is it more expensive?

Which Intel SSD (Series) is the best? 520, 320, 510, 710, etc. and their uses?
Also, why is the 520 cheaper than the slower 320?
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  1. The 510 is regarded as the best in speed and reliability. All Intel SSDs are rated highly for reliability. The 520 is a SATA III compared to the SATA II 320. It is probably cheaper because of economies of scale in production.
  2. It is almost half as much in price. (The 520 and the 320)
  3. Why ask why? Just buy the faster one thats cheaper and move on.
  4. Lol, just curious. And I sorta misread the price, they're close.
  5. What do you do with your pc? The answer to your question depends on your answer.
  6. Gaming and work, editing... Not so heavy stuff.
  7. intel ssds are a bit expensive than others but are very reliable.
  8. Yeah, so I've heard. And a loooooooooooooooong warranty.
    I was gonna make a joke there but....... oh well.
  9. Since you are a gamer and do some work you can rule out the Intel 710. The 710 is an enterprise class ssd designed for business and professional applications.

    You mentioned editing. What do you edit? documents, images, or videos?
  10. A little picture, video, or music. Documents more likely.
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