ATI 5850 - Help Please

I bought my computer yesterday and this is really odd.

When I installed the new ATI driver (Catalyst 10.2) my monitor, which is a Samsung TV, says it doesn't support this mode. I have tested the display on my friends monitor and it works perfectly but for some reason it doesn't work on my monitor.

So at the moment my pc doesn't recognise the GPU as an ATI 5859 but as a Standard VGA Graphics adapter, so i can't do much on my pc.

I have also tried running on the same screen resolution as was supported before I installed the Catalyst but my monitor still says that it doesn't support this mode.

Any ideas?????
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  1. I forgot to mention that I can used this display together with my laptop perfectly. The Laptop is using a 8600M GT.
  2. Control Panel -> System -> System Properties -> Device Manager -> HD5850 (find it) -> Rollback driver.
  3. My system doesn't recognise the Graphics card as 5850 buit insted as a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. And at the moment i don't have catalyst installed so I have no driver to roll back to.
  4. You could also try updating your chipset drivers as it seems as if the computer can't recognize the card installed.

    After that, try the 10.2 drivers again or try installing an older driver version.
  5. 1. Remove all installed old drivers
    2. Use registry cleaner or driversweeper to get out leftover registry entries.
    3. Install new driver

    Have you checked the Samsung site for an *.inf file or something for your model TV ?
  6. I have tried removing all dirvers and reistalling but the same thing happens. But I am going to try the samsung site for a file.
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