Amd 780g good ? for gtx 260

my computer spec
CPU amd2 x4 (quad) phenom 920
vista rating 5.9/5.9
memory kingston 2x1gigabytes pc 6400 800 MhZ (still works good)
vista system rating 5.9/5.9
graphics card bfg gtx 260 maxcore 55
vista system rating 5.9/5.9 for business and gaming
motherboard Gigabytes 780g originally bought for graphics card HS (Hightech) radeon 4850
worked perfectly good on vista with radeon 4850. No lagging game and everything worked flawlessly.
harddisk two 640 hitachi 7200 rpm
vista rating 5.9/5.9
OS xp 32 bits vista 32 bits and 7 64 bits
system score for vista perfect
Powersupply ocz StealhXStream 600 watts
GTX 260 requires at least 525 watts psu combined 12v of current rating 38 or more and my power supply has 12v at 18A with quad rails. combined current at 12v equals to 72A. which is plenty for graphics.

Hello, First I am telling everyone that I do not have much of background knowledge on computers. No problem what so ever on my computer until I upgraded my computer's graphics card. I bought bfg gtx 260 maxcore 55 and installed on my vista os. The computer started to lag so badly. I thought I purchased the bad graphics card so I changed it. 30 day purchase warranty. But still behaves the same way. I called the bfg tech support they recommend me to try archive drivers from n vidia web so I did. It did not change the lagging situation. So I install xp in different partition. After the reboot, vista is gone but I use vista repair cd prompt commend and bcdedit commend on cmd to resolve ntldr and bootmgr conflict. After I was granted access to vista and xp on my computer, my computer worked flawlessly on xp. No problem at all. When i sign back to Vista. It start to lag again. At this point, I am convinced nothing to do with the hardware defects'. So too make sure, I installed windows 7 see any confilct on os 7. On windows 7 it has screen lagging problem and also bluebooth mouse and keyboard lagging problem. Which bluetooth worked perfectly fine on vista and xp. So now i am thinking maybe my motherboard is causing all the problem? And I bought the motherboard some times ago so warrantly is poof. -- dunt want to ship it to the factory. too much troubles. bluetooth lagging maybe??? Maybe too much data to proccess with amd 780g chipset or maybe defected north and south bridge. Maybe low end model amd 780g chipset was not designed to collect and distripute the data proccess by higher end mode cpu and graphics' card. I think my cpu which was design for amd 790gx. 780g is one generation earlier to amd 2 quad phenom 920, which is stilll the entry level for amd quad phenom. The graphics card one of the higher end graphics card not the best but acceptable whereas 780g is a low end model. So i am asking to those people with lots of computer geeky knoweldge. Can it be 780g chipset too poor to proccess my cpu and graphics or even bluetooth on stressed environment such as 7? Please answer, is 780g powerful to handle the pressure of opersating sytem vista and 7? otherwise, i dunt see other compponents such are cpu memory graphic powersupply units lacks the ability to smooth operating vista and 7. The computer lags on simple vista task such a watching a movie and a web browsing and windows 7 same problem to vista and in addition to that problem also have bluebooth lagging badly problem. The funiest thing is game play is flawless all the time on vista. I play batman and bioschok online game and more. 3d mark score around 15000. Why lagging on web browsing and video watching. Even bluetooth lagging bad on 7 -- ;;;;;;; I serached everywhere on-line about vista and 7 conflict with gtx 260 chipset. No sign of any problem.
i am so disapointed now with the whole situation i should not have changed my perfectly good working radeon 4850. and i think bfg sucks. before i always use evga video card expect hightech radeon 4850 once which worked perfectly fine. And asus for motherboard. I always use nforce and nvidia graphics' card never had any issues. This is my first time buying amd chipset. can it be amd chipset problem. Dont say chipset wouldnt be a problem even i know that chipset is important no matter how good your cpu memory and graphics are with the bad chipset. it will not function good like high traffic in a small countryside road is a horrible experience to people. high volume of traffic should travel in a well builted highway not on the countryside narrow road. Is 780g chipset to weak to handle stress of vista and 7 and causing the problem? or maybe even defected chipset or two defected card in a row. any experts can help
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  1. HD3200 drivers conflicting with nVidia's, perhaps.

    In any case, the GTX260 is $200. See if you can get a refund for it, and get an HD5830 ($240) or save another $100 for an HD5850. Or buy an HD5770 for $140, which is on-par with the GTX260, and a somewhat-decent upgrade from an HD4850.
  2. thanks for your reply though i never even installed hd 3200 drivers never used it once of course expect the first time i connected it to the monitor to set up the bios but never installed drivers but do you still think it can be drivers conflicting ??? thanks for answering tho.
  3. bench mark for 260 gtx is clearly better but yes they work similar. i am juss not familar with ati so i upgrade back to nvidia card. i am a big fan of nvidia not ati
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