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hello, first allow me to say what a great website, iwas very impressed. i finally saved up enough money and i want to build a new system. i spend so much time on the computer and i do not come from a rich background so i want to do this right once and hope for a pc that will last me a while.

below i will list the parts i have chosen and my questions about them

* CPU: i7-975 3.3ghz, i wont OC because its expensive processor and dont wanna risk it
* MOBO: gigabyte x58 UD7
* RAM: corsair dominator GT pc3 16000, 2000 MHZ 3x2GB (6GB) , with a ram cooler
* HDD: WD raptor 10,000 rpm 300gb boot drive
* HDD2: WD 1TB 7200rpm black cavier sata 6gb/s .
* PSU: corsair HX 1000w
* GPU: XFX 5970 black edition
* DVD: LG blu ray 10x reader / DVD Rw 16x
* Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
*OS:windows 7 64 bit professional

now this is where it gets confusing for me

i dont know what cpu cooler to choose and what case to pick and i have narrowed down to the following according to what is available in my country.

for the cooler i am stuck between the noctua NH u12 the NH d 14 and h50 corsair.

if possible i would like to avoid the h50 cause i will have to remove a fan from the case.

my issue with the D14 is with the corsair ram dominator it wont work. from my research this cooler covers some ram slots and if i want the triple channel config i must place the ram in the 2nd 4th 6th slot from the left or as they are numbered in the motherboard manual ddr_1 ddr_3 ddr_5.

is there anyway to allow the D14 to work with the ram i choose in triple channel config and dont forget the ram will come with a ram cooler fan.
if not the d14 then the u12 noctua

second is the case. depends on the result of the cooler above i am stuck between the coolmaster cosmos s 'sport' and the thermal take spedo. i want something with the best airflow possible and i dont care about noise but obviously something normal or a little loud..

i researched both but am not confident with the plastic parts of the spedo yet about the cosmos s am not sure of the airflow. i am prepared to do what ever to make this system work.

my idea is pick cosmos S and D14, (not sure if it fits in cosmos) then if the d 14 covers first and second ram slot ill use the first ram card with out the heat sink, but keep the other 2 ram chips as is and fix the cooler over the last 4 slots.. yet am not sure if this will all fit together. if not most prob pick the u12 with the cool master cosmos s. it will fit with the ram and the ram coolers. ill place 2 fans at the bottom of the cosmos as intake ... ill remove 3 bays from the front as i only need 1 bay for 1 drive and 3.5" for card reader. ill add a 2 fans there in push pull config like in this video [...] re=related
and 3 outtake fans on top.

i have done research for a week and i would appreciate any DETAILED help and explanation to improve my choices. i am willing to call u if it need be, my knowledge in computers is good but not fierce so i am willing to listen learn and except your views dear readers :D

thank you and ill keep checking and communicating with people here. thank you much

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  1. Welcome to the forums newcommer!

    Your doing a good job with your homework but i have a couple of suggestions to your list.

    1) Go for the i7 - 920 Since your going for an aftermarket cooler, u can overclock the 920 and the i7's can hit stable speeds of 4GHz.

    2) See if you can get your hands on a Cooler master Hyper 212+ or a Thermalright True 120 or Prolimatech megahelms

    3) I use the Spedo, it has an excellent airflow and you'l also get the Cable management feature built into the case

    4)Go for the sapphires 5970 they are better board manufacturers than xfx and xfx somehow have a buggy issue with ati's chips since they recently stated making ati boards

    5) look into Arctic coolings MX 3 thermal paste

    Regarding case airflow, you need to make sure you have a good flow working with you. There should be an exhaust thats fed by an intake. so dont introduce too many intake/exhaust fans.

    When you'll move to the new choice of coolers, you'l notice that theres room for your ram coolers.

    Everything else seems to be fine :)
  2. how about this, i decided to this,
    i will go for the 975
    buy the NH-U12 by noctua
    with the cosmos s case. wut do u think. this is comparable to spedo
    as for gpu xfx is all thats available for me :(
  3. where do you live again?

    i'm not oo keen on the noctua, all the members on Tom's Hardware forum suggested i go for :

    ( in order of appearence )

    1)Cooler Master Hyper 212+
    2)Prolimatech Megahelms/Megashadow
    3)Therlmalright TRUE 120 Black

    the coolermaster is only a third of the price of a Prolimatech and is cheaper than a noctua, and FAR more smaller than a Noctua. Thus the new coolers. Can you get/order them where you live?

    The 975 is an extreme edition, and trust me, your better off buying something cheaper and making an overclock to know you've spent your money well. Getting the 920 (on the other hand) its stock speed is 2.66 but everyone who bought them overclocked them to 3.8~4 and have been running really great benchmarks. So if you overclock to 3.3 with the 920 it'll be a mild overclock :sol:

    still need more reasons to be convinced ? :ange:
  4. well the truth is, this money is being sponsered. so they are offering me the the 975, i dont wanna say no give me a 920 lol... i live in dubai united arab emirates

    the megahelm is just as big as the noctua and i used the noctua before thats why i am going for it..

    budget is not an issue so, also the other reason i dont want to oc is cause i dont know how to.. now between the noctua and the megahelms i heard that for the megahelm to outperform the noctua it needs fans mounted.. which eventually will be bigger than the noctua ..

    thank u again and tell me wut u think :D
  5. lol, i lived in dubai as well! was born there. If thats the whole picture - then by all means GO FOR IT!

    To also argue with what you sad about overclocking - the gigabyte board you selected has a user friendly overclocking tool for newbies (a software, apart from the BIOS feature). Its simple and fun. You can also adjust the voltages manually but thats for another time and day :)

    Then it seems your set for your new rig. Btw you have an MSN add?
  6. yeah sure, umm ill pm u my msn.
    lutfiji thanks alot.. i am not from dubai but i am born raised here.. originally from Yemen. what happened is i graduated and the company where my dad works offered me as a graduation gift a budget and told me to go buy what i want. i used a pentium 3 pc now believe it or not and thats why am trying to be very sure because this is a once on a life time opportunity so thats why i am being so careful.

    um so i looked at the megahelm shadow and its the same price of the noctua u12.. i thought maybe i should go for the megahelm with 2 Noctua NF-P12 Vortex-Control 120mm Quiet Case Fan 1300 rpm fans... or should i just stick with the u12.. keep in mind that i might overclock might being the keyword.

    also am worried the megahelm with 2 fans will cover the ram slots >.> once i order the pieces i cant go back and exchange so :S wut do u think
  7. Heres a better choice for you - get the fans you mentioned and get the coolermaster hyper 212, keep the cooler and change the supplied fans with the ones you'l get from noctua. On that note - the CM hyper is slimmer than both the noctua and the megahelms and it outperforms them when you have both the fans on it in push-pull setup.
  8. maybe megahelms with noctua fans
  9. Quote:
    so they are offering me the the 975, i dont wanna say no give me a 920 lol... i live in dubai united arab emirates

    Damn... lucky you. At any rate, you seem to have a massive budget, may I suggest water cooling :ange: ?
  10. No SSD's? I'd really recommend getting one to use as a boot/application drive instead of a raptor.
    Also, maybe this is just personal preference, but I'd go with some Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Grease instead of that Arctic Silver 5. I may be wrong, but I believe it performed better in benchmarks, and is actually a tad bit cheaper.
  11. you say you dont wanna overclock because the 975 is an expensive chip well its so expensive because it specially made for overclocking
  12. hey thanks all for the replies,

    shadow---> no water cooling for me cause in dubai there are no good systems or maintaince for water cooling systems.

    someguy----> i do actaully have a budget its weird how its working for me lol, ssd are tooooo expensive for me >.>,someguy also the thermal paste that is the one available for me other than the default paste give in box :P, but ill try get the one u mentioned

    obsidian----> first i would like to say thanks for posting, i read ur other posts and thread and i appreaciate ur advice and would ask you to criticize me as much as possible lol. yes i know the 975 can be OCed i might in the future for now i did decide to keep it dat way.

    btw guys i did decide o go with meahelms 2 noctua cosmos S
  13. well here is some alternatives

    board is excellent i might be getting it still mulling

    the cpu is great possibly the best ever but depending on when you buying intel will release the i7 980x beast apparently in 2 months or you can get the i7 960 which i think is the best option on a huge budget

    the dominator ram is great infact so great that corsair overpriced them if you can get a them the g.skill trident or team extreme 2000mhz ram are great value sets

    as a boot drive the raptor is old tech the newer 7200rpm drives ust bout match its speed but no mechanical drive can touch even the lowest ssd for pure speed

    secondary drive is great

    power supply is good but i think its due for a revision soon

    there will be a lot of clocked 5970's flooding the market soon which has already started with the 5990 it should be follewed by the 5970 msi lightning the asus 5970 ROG ares and the ever faithful sapphire toxic

    i have seen so great things from the new coolit closed loop liquid cooling systems you might wanna have a look at them the ECO ALC vantage looks appealing
  14. thank you obsidian ,
    my problem is i got to make the best i can with the budget right now. my offer kinda expires at the end of march, meaning i must complete this before the end of march. ill have a look at the 960 and the ram
    the ssd like i said so expensive in this country (uae)

    power supply i mean if its up for revision i cant really wait.. so is there an alternative or shall i just go for it ?

    hmm for the card >.> in uae right now the best availble one is xfx and its selling for 700$ which is relatively cheaper than other places. so thats why i picked it..

    like i mentioned at the end of march i must present a quotation of about 4000$, right now everything adds up to that with out ssd.

    about cooling, i cannot reiterate how bad cooling systems are in the uae. no maintaince, no proper setup , no experienced technicians. its a whole issue thats why i went with basic cooling.

    but out of curiousty and ill see if i can cut other items wut ssd will u recommend thats good and decent but i got to say it atleast has to be 256gb, recommend the best one regardless of price, ill see what i can work >.> ill be on again in like 4 hours to check.. i have to finilize my order by tonight so please do help out
  15. the coolit cooler is like installing an air cooler look HERE the coolit looks the same and same mounting method

    the best 256 ssd i know thats fast and doesn kill the whole budget is the ocz z drive which is $980 but the patriot torqx is not too bad either at bout $720 buti'd say get the corsair 256gb drive its under $700

    the xfx aint bad so i'll settle for that
  16. Ah good choice with the Noctuas - i see your all set ! :D, for your region the air cooler is good choice of setup - i have personal experince of technicians in dubai... lol remember how you'd need to drive nearly an hour to give your panasonic/technics hardware for repair and yet get no results? (i'm talking about the one across the creek, dunno if it still exists :S)

    hey i actually think you left something out - what about the gaming mouse+keyboard? if your also going to use the rig for movies and HD content look into this

    Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 -

    i'll ask my relative to send one for me too.
  17. obsidian lutfi thanks again i cannot tell u how much i appreciate ur help.

    ok about water cooling that kit is not available here and, technitions that run the buisiness here dont know jack. if you to come setup in dubai ul get very rich by word of mouth if u know ur buisness and how to do stuff. i personally cant risk water cooling with an unbranded firm over here. ill have a look at the ocz drive but so expensive

    accesories wise am good got a g19 and a lachis on an icemat more than enough lol
  18. Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1)

    Patriot Torqx 256GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive (PFZ256GS25SSDR)

    Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 256GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive (SNVP325-S2/256GB)

    if no budget from the above which one is the best one ? with my system
  19. i just read reviews on the kingston 256 and it apparently doest support TRIM which is a big problem... please guide me thru picking the best 256gb SSD
  20. so apprently the patriot has firware upgrade with firm support , does the kingston have that can some make sure and tell me which is the best one from above with trim support.
  21. If we're to narrow down the choices - its the crucial or the patriot. I'd prefer the crucial over the patriot, most of the reviews setup with the UD7 have a crucial and a patriot SSD , while SOME have an OCZ setup. Get the Crucial C300.

    Bro, instead of posting multiple times try using the edit message button on the lower right of your msg box :)
  22. yeah i did but , from some wierd reason it was letting me... the crucial seems good all got trim support but the cruicial got 6gb\s rate.. so yeah.. any other users got any idea or experience
  23. If you have such a giant budget i would not suggest the i7 975. Personally i would suggest the gulftown aka i7980x. This intell's brand new top of the line 6 core processor!!!As long as you get a compatible board i would definately get that.
  24. nah that one would be way out of it, and ill sacrfice the SSD...i think i might go with crucial, any comments?
  25. Quote:

    shadow---> no water cooling for me cause in dubai there are no good systems or maintaince for water cooling systems.

    Check out Frozen CPU, they ship world wide, albit a tad higher prices and S&H.
  26. will do thanks shadow, so i guess its set ill go for the crucial 256gb
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