Xfx 4870 1 GB cooler problem




I don't know which one but one of these cooler has temprature problems for sure..
please can you tell me which one is better ??
or is the temperature problem is with both the cards ??

please tell me are these cards worth their prices ??
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  1. The top one the better cooler you want it venting out the back of the case will keep everything much cooler then the other card.
  2. I have the second link 4870 1gb version the 4870s run hot they can take it and there meant to be able to run hot. i have the antec 300 case with 3 200mm fans and with the video card fan at 60% the card temp stays in the low 50s not bad. i like this card runs game on full settings can even run crysis on very high settings. good card and xfx has a double lifetime warrenty so make sure you register it so if it does break you can replace it for free.
  3. where can i register my double life time warranty ?
    because i have a warranty card from the seller that says 1 year warranty only :(
  4. when i got mine i got a door hanging thing that says do not disturb and it had my model number and serial number and go to xfx website. find something in what you got it and try to find those numbers and youll be good.
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