Mobo for update build - asus sabertooth x58?

Looking to do a new build, but will use some of my old components. Do a lot of Photoshop work. Would like to do some gaming, some overclocking, but not looking to become an extreme user in either category. Multi boot Win 7 64 and Win XP. Looking at Asus Sabertooth x58 with i7 - 950.

Disappointment in new boards is few PCI slots, and few with floppy support. I use BootIt NG to multi-boot and am used to using the floppy for that, and f6-ing drivers for Win XP.

Have a SCSI film scanner, so my adaptec SCSI card will occupy the lone PCI slot. Definitely cannot have any conflicts there. Have to have my scanner for my business.

I'll need an updated graphics card at some point, but it has to play nice with my NEC MultiSync P221W monitor and X-Rite color calibration system. Welcome recommendations there. Right now I use an old Radeon x1650 and my current mobo is an Asus P5 W DH Deluxe which has been a champ for several years.

So, here is what I'm looking at for my new:

-My current 600W power supply
-if my radeon x1650 will fit the Sabertooth x58, i'll use for a while. If not, open to recommendations for cards in the $75 - $150 range. First priority is photo editing, and playing nice with my monitor / calibration system not gaming. I'll probably even plug in another monitor for gaming so I don't put unneccesary mileage on my NEC
-adaptec SCSI card in PCI slot
-6GB G Skill DDR3 1600
-WD Black 640GB 7200 HD for OS's
-2 to 5 Hitachi Deskstar 1tb HD's storage
-Cooler or

Another note: Can I use a USB floppy drive to f6 drivers in XP install?

Other boards I've considered:

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  1. Guess I should mention this will go into my old CoolerMaster WaveMaster case like the one here:

    I think it has the proper clearance for either of the coolers on my list.
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