Asrock b75 adjusting the core clock

Hey guys. i have the asrock b75,and although it says it is not overclockable will i still be allowed to adjust the core clock by a couple mhz with out chagnging the voltage ?im pretty noob at those things. or is changing the clock speed same as overclocking

i have the intel i5 3570 k and the motherboard is talking about is asrock b75 pro3

im not planning to do major overclocking because i have the b75 chipset but if i can change the core clock that would be great.
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  1. You should be able to enable 'turbo' function but that is about the best clock speed you'll get out of the motherboard/CPU combo. You might be able to change the base clock up to 104 (the highest I've read about on the 1155 platform with stability) but I'm not even sure about that on the B75 boards and I doubt you'll be able to do that with turbo enabled
    Hope it helps
  2. Are you talking about turbo boost, also if i want to do that should i get a different cpu cooler ?
  3. You might want to watch your temps if enabling turbo boost but usually the stock cooler is capable of handling it - can't say for sure about Ivy Bridge which tends to run a little hot and is why I suggest monitoring temps
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