Need Help picking a 775 motherboard

Hello All,

I'm trying to pick out a really solid Motherboard that is 775 socket with DDR800 Ram. It doesn't need duel GPU slots and it not going to be over cloaked. Just need the best motherboard I can get, if it does have those features I suppose that is ok. I am been on newegg looking around with a lot of mixed reviews. It seems like a FoxConn or biostar might be a good mobo, but I am unfamiliar with those brands

Or should I go with an Asus that I have known used before without problems.

I am rebuilding my Mother-in-law's computer replaces the mobo and putting in a SSD as well. It will be used mostly for gaming, but just world of warcraft. The SSD I'm puttin in is the OCZ Vertex 2 60g. and she is also used a GTX 9800gtx.

Thank you in advance for any advice!.
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  1. Consider GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-USB3P too,its one of the best P45 boards out there
  2. A second volt for the Gigabyte P45 motherboards - any of them.
  3. Thank you for the input so far. I was looking at the Gigabyte mobo you linked and like it quite a bit, but don't really need duel vid card slots. would something like this be just as good?
  4. the cost of the ssd will give a poor return performance wise

    Spend the same money on a graphics card IMO
  5. How would the SSD give me a poor return on performance?
    I've thought about updateing the Video card, but there is nothing wrong with the one she has and gives her great fps for everything she does.

    @Matmental, that looks about what I'm going for. Can't find it for sale though from someone I would trust.
  6. Ya, i can't wait to set up the system, I'm putting a OCZ 120g SSD in my system as well and it's a lot more robust than hers. I think I have is down to 4 different boards. what do you guys think?
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