Does anyone know if the ATI MOBILITY RADEON M96XT can play World of Warcraft well?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    That card is actually HD 4670M so it can handle WOW on high settings
  2. wait I had this card 6 years ago..... is this the same as the mobility radeon 9800xt??? I had this on a thinkpad t42..... If this isthe same it can handle warcraft easily but WOW perhaps high settings would be ok, I vividly remember playing warcraft 3 well on this though if it is the same gpu
  3. No,M96XT = HD 4670M,
    Thats 9600 that you are saying and its an old card
    Take note in the specs boxs: "Codename M96-XT"

    Scrolling further down you can see that people got around 39 fps with COD MW2 and Fear 2 on high settings so WoW should be a piece of cake.
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