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Overclock Limits Gigabyte 7870 Question

January 14, 2013 8:04:02 PM

I recently replaced my 4850x2 graphics card with a 7870. I love the card but just have a question about overclocking it within the catalyst. With the 4850x2 I could easily max out the core and memory clocks in the catalyst and never had any freezing, overheating etc. The 7870 however is much more touchy I have only been able to increase the card within smaller increments, and its defiantly not a heat problem, and I have 1000 watt power supply so not that either. Is it that the Gigabyte card already comes slightly overclocked? Would there be an advantage to using the Gigabyte, or MSI overdrive programs for doing this? Thanks in advance for any help, and below is a link to the card if you need any info. [...] 8&Tpk=7870